Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heading to the airport...

Today I am flying to Florida for 2 weeks!  It's been a long time since I've had that many days off & I am excited to sleep in and spend time with people that are awesome.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going to Florida tomorrow

Going to see my family tomorrow!  Ahhhh, warm weather, I can't wait.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 I've been wanting a cape for a while now.  But I never really can find the exact thing I want: no sleeves, tie waist (so I don't drown in it), and a versatile color.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Booties

Ever since seeing Bad Teacher I've been wanting a pair of booties like the Louboutin 'Fifre' she wore in the film.  Unfortunately these are not available anymore.
 After much searching I found these Guess 'Owens' booties.  The only size close to mine that I could find in the world of the interweb was a 6.5.  I hope they fit!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas time is here!

It's finally December & I am feeling Christmasy.  We made gingerbread cookies, put up the tree, and I have Christmas music playing.  It's happening. 
... and yes, Santa, I will take more shoes.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Louboutins...

So, I sold some clothes on eBay and thus am allowing myself one more pair of beautiful Louboutins.  I don't know what it is about these shoes, but they just look so good on your foot.  I couldn't resist.  A four pair collection is pretty good and enough.  There is a reason this pair is called the "Sexy."  The peep toe, the stiletto... I know, black patent like my Pigalles, but I LOVE patent!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things to Invest in & Things NOT to Invest In

I've been wanting to post about this topic for a while.  I've found that America tends to be a throw-away culture; one that encourages people to constantly buy the "newer, better" product while their older one sits on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.  In some ways I am a little more European.  I like to take baths, eat my salad after my entree, eat fruit for dessert, I find the romantic languages to be the most beautiful, and I'd rather have a medium-sized healthy, quality meal than a big bucket of KFC chicken for half the price.  I also believe in investment pieces; pieces that you buy at a higher price to last you decades, even a lifetime if chosen properly and well taken care of.
I want to post about pieces that I think are worth buying quality over quantity.  I also want to say that sometimes I don't buy quality: trendy things that I may only use a few times.  Sometimes I do buy these things, but from Forever 21 or Target.  I most definitely wouldn't spend $200 on a bear ear hat, though I will spend $20 on one from Target.  This won't just be about clothes though.  I also think there are home items that are worth investing in and some that aren't.  A white rug that's going to get dirty no matter how much it costs?  Buy that from Target, not from Crate & Barrel. 

 Investment Pieces Every Girl Should Aspire to Own:

CLASSIC FRAGRANCES: Whether you have a signature fragrance or you use many different ones, classic scents are a must.

RED NAIL POLISH: Chanel, OPI, Essie.  Red nail polish doesn't seem to be going out of style ever.

LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY: The 25 or 30, this bag is classic.  Audrey Hepburn carried it 50 years ago and it's still being carried by celebrities today.  I prefer the 25 in Damier (above) as the 30 looked like luggage on my small frame and the Damier dark handles won't get stained.

 CHANEL BAGS: I have three classic Chanel bags, which I've blogged about before.   I will be carrying these bags until I die.  The mini is perfect for going out because you can wear it across your body.  The East/West, in lambskin, is for more sophisticated evenings.  The Jumbo is perfect for daytime wear.  Shopping, errands, anything.  It may seem silly to have three black quilted bags of different sizes, but I love each for their small but important differences.

PYTHON METALLIC BAG: I chose this stunning gold Michael Kors 'Beverly' python satchel.  It's huge and can carry whatever I need.  It shines.  The details are incredible.  This bag retailed for $3900 (not quite what I paid), but it will be in style for decades.

GUCCI SUKEY BAG: This huge carry-all bag with brown accents is my newest bag, but I already use it for so many things.  Day to day, shopping, travel.  I adore it.

DIAMOND EARRINGS: Pearls are beautiful, and every girl should have a pair or two, but pearls are delicate.  They scratch so easily.  But diamonds are hard.  They don't scratch.  They don't change color (like CZ).  They are sturdy.  Aside from getting a jeweler to check them twice a year to make sure the setting looks good, they require no maintenance.  I wear mine pretty much every day and night. 

A PUCCI SCARF: These scarves are iconic.  The Pucci print on a scarf is classic.

LEOPARD PRINT: There are certain things that don't go out of style.  Basic black, cashmere, leopard print.  I could probably dress myself entirely in leopard print if I wanted to look tacky.  I believe in only one leopard print piece at a time.   It's also so fun in lingerie.

 CLASSIC BLACK FRAME SUNGLASSES: While I love and adore tortoise and find that to be just as classic, black framed sunglasses provide so much glamour.  Tom Ford's cat-eye or a simple shaped Chanel mother-of-pearl pair, I have a feeling I'll be wearing these for years to come.

 BLACK MERMAID & PENCIL SKIRTS: Does anyone doubt these won't look as beautiful in 10 years?  They are flattering, match any top, and just remind me of the 1950s.

 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN PIGALLE 120 PUMP: Every girl must have a pair of classic black pumps.  These are my newest and most favorite pair.  I love everything about them.  They are stunning.

BLACK BALLET FLATS: Simple, comfortable, and match almost anything.

BURBERRY RAIN BOOTS: Rain boots always make life a little better when it's storming outside.

CLASSIC WEDGES: Perfect for vacationing to warm areas or wearing throughout summer, the classic wedge is a must own.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SATIN JOLI MULES: These are another recent purchase, but I adore them.  Incredibly feminine and sophisticated.

 KNEE HIGH BOOTS: The flat version of these doesn't ever look trashy, though heeled pairs can also be classic.  I prefer the flat, as you have less of a chance of slipping on ice when wearing them.  

UGG CLASSIC TALL BOOT: I have these in the tan and chocolate brown.  While some people have issues with UGGs (men especially), I think that in the wintertime, they are essential.  The sheepskin is so warm & comfy and this style is just as cute today as it was the year it came out.

STRAW FEDORA: I have a few of these (this one from Express).  I love them in the summer.  At the beach, pool, or really anywhere, this style is perfection.

LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Need I say more?

WHITE BUTTON UP: I have a few of these, but I especially love the pockets on Calvin Klein version.

 WHITE TANK & TEE: Simple and great when your accessories make your outfit.

JUICY COUTURE TRACKSUIT: While I don't like much from Juicy, I love their classic colored tracksuits, of which I own a few.

 BLACK BLAZER/JACKET: I have a number of these as well.  Great for work or going on.


QUALITY DENIM: I personally believe in high quality denim.  My favorite are Hudson, 7 for all mankind, Joe's Jeans, and Citizens for Humanity.  Being petite, I've found that the denim that is the best fitting on me is always at least $150 a pair.

MICHAEL KORS LUGGAGE: Louis Vuitton is amazing as well.  I happen to have Kors luggage.  

HIGH THREAD COUNT SHEETS: Everyone should sleep on a set of 1500 or higher thread count sheets.  They feel almost like satin, but they aren't.  White or cream.
AIR-O-SWISS HUMIDIFIER: This is perhaps the oddest item on my list.  However, it's one of the most essential.  I love my humidifier.  I sleep with it next to my bed every night.  I think it's a beauty product, as well as a health product.  Great for your sinuses and your skin, I can't quite express how much I love mine, plus the design is so modern!