Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fashion Addiction

So this week I re-learned a lesson that I've known for a long time: fashion is addicting.  You buy one pair of Louboutins or one Chanel bag and you start wanting to build a collection, buy more. I now own three pairs of Louboutins.  One pair of coral leather 'You You' open-toe pumps, one pair of black patent 'Pigalle' 120 pumps, and a pair of hot pink satin bow 'Joli' 4" mules.  They are all beautiful and each is different.  But... I started obsessing this week over a pair of black patent Very Prives.  Would buying them change anything? No.  But I do want them.  I'm telling myself no.  The price is too high.  Wish me luck in NOT buying something for a change!

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