Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"White bikini off with my red nail polish"

Summer has come early this year in Utah.  We were able to start laying out in January.  Unheard of for a skiing destination!
I love to listen to Lana Del Rey while I tan.  Her music is so calming and glamorous.  Naturally the lyrics to "Off to the Races" are always inspiring in the hot sun.

Swimming pool glimmering darling
White bikini off with my red nail polish
Watch me in the swimming pool
Bright blue ripples, you sittin', sippin' on your black Cristal

Lana singing the song live

All this made me want to get my very own white bikini so when summer really rolls around I can wear it with some red nail polish.  And me being me, I naturally bought two.  

 H&M Scallop Bikini
Buy here

Victoria's Secret Angel Convertible Bikini
Buy here

Oh and here's the OPI polish I'll use on my toes: Big Apple Red

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