Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ASOS Mania

 I am a little addicted to ASOS, as friends of mine might know.  Below are some of my favorite purchases and their inspirations/uses:
My bachelorette party dress
 Here is a Chanel inspired bikini
 Adorable skirts...
Me in my heart skirt on my birthday:

                                                                                            Top: Forever 21, Skirt: ASOS, Bag: Marc Jacobs 'Ursula'
                                                      Bowler, Shoes: Naughty Monkey
 This dress reminds me of the perfect combination of the below Elie Saab & Michael Kors dresses
 Who doesn't love gold sequins?  Only $30!
And my new Prada inspired skirt
Prada Spring 2011

D&G Spring 2011


  1. Ok, I want more pics of you in these outfits, you look better than most of the models anyway.

    And I am now addicted to ASOS as well, now that I've realized that they carry some of my favorite UK brands like Whistles and Ted Baker, not to mention some new favorites like River Island and I die for the Kurt Geiger shoes even though I can't afford them! I feel my first purchase is imminent...

  2. Andrea, you are doing so much for my ego! I don't know if I look better than the models, but thanks!
    Yeah, they have some great brands, but so much money!!! Their UGGS are like almost double what they cost here at Nordstrom... it's weird. I wonder if they are harder to get in England.

  3. Yeah, unfortunately some of my favorite brands are pretty expensive, but when things are on sale it's pretty decent. I definitely wouldn't order anything from them that I couldn't get directly from the original brand at a local retailer.