Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change of a hairstyle...

Isn't it crazy that a change of your hairstyle can change your mood?  It makes your whole outlook on life improve for a few days.  I recently got some layers added in my hair and decided to part it differently.  The excitement from this didn't wear off for a week.  It's crazy how much hair can change your look.

I love how the look Brigitte Bardot made famous is so timeless that it looks just as amazing on Blake Lively today.

I also recommend quality hair products.  I'm a recent convert of the 'good' blow dryer, a.k.a. the expensive blow dryer.  Who knew that $100 extra could cut your drying time in half!?
 I LOVE curlers, hot rollers, whatever you call them.  They set the curl so perfectly without too much destructive heat.

BaByliss & CHI Blow dryers (The BaByliss is what I use for traveling because it's small enough to fit in a suitcase.)


  1. your hair is different!?!?! why are there no pictures of this!? is baby bliss the curling iron you used at your wedding, I'll never forget those perfect curls :)

  2. My hair isn't too different, but it's a side part now. We have to hang out!!! I did use a BaByliss at the wedding. They are amazing! And not expensive on Amazon.

  3. I want those hot rollers! Lol, I think I'm almost ready to break down and replace my old set, when I do, I'm getting the set you have.

  4. They are only like $20 at Target! Get some!