Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Une femme sans parfum est une femme sans avenir." -Coco Chanel

A couple of days ago I was getting ready in my bathroom and I looked at my perfume stand.  I was a little shocked to realize that on that little stand was about $600 worth of perfume... scented water!  It made me feel a little strange, until I realized I had received them all as gifts :)  The newest of which is Marc Jacobs OH, LOLA!


  1. oh I want this one, you have to let me smell it :)

  2. Oh and you're one of the perfume gift givers!!

  3. I was just reading about Oh, Lola! and now I want to track down a bottle to test it. I need to go to the mall, lol, if only I had the time.

    My perfume collection probably comes close to the same amount but most of mine were gifts as well. I think my Gucci Envy Me was the only one I got for myself, the first year you and I went shopping in Scottsdale. :)

  4. I remember when you got Gucci Envy Me. It's such a cute pink bottle :)
    I think you'd like Oh, Lola! It's better than Lola, in my opinion.